A Turnkey Home Buyer Phone Prospecting System For Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Loan Originators

Generate 10 to 15 qualified and exclusive home buyer prospects by phone each month without any prior sales experience, or the need to deal with complex and confusing software.

Home buyer phone prospecting made simple, because everything is included!

The List

Great prospecting results begin with a great prospecting list. That means accurate prospect information, especially phone number. That's why our system is pre- loaded with 1,000s of likely home buyer prospects that need your help (renter's, first time home buyer's, etc)

The Script

Once you have a great list, you must know exactly what to say when you have a prospect on the phone. But don't worry, we've already written the script for you, and it will pop right up on your screen when you need it.

The Dialer

Gone are the days of dialing by hand. Our system includes a powerful and effective 3 line dialer for maximum call output.


The best CRM is the one that gets used. That's why our system includes a simple, pre-configured CRM with zero fluff. Just everything you need to store and manage your prospects and clients.

The Calendar

We all wish that prospects would become our client on the first call, and while it happens sometimes, more than likely the prospect will need to be contacted again. That's why our integrated calendar is a must to ensure no prosepcts fall through the cracks. 

The Training

You'll never be left to learn alone. Whether you're a phone prospecting pro or a complete newbie with no sales or phone prospecting experience, we got you. You'll simply need to join our monthly training webinars and we'll have you prospecting like a pro in no time at all.  Take advantage of role playing opportunites and get feedback on your recorded calls to sharpen your skills and make more money.