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4 Consistent Ways Agents Generate Leads With Blogging

Content marketing simply cannot be overlooked in your lead generation strategy.

Good blog posts will help you to:

  • Be found in the search engines
  • Educate and inform prospects
  • Generate ongoing web traffic
  • Increase lead generation opportunities

Today we're sharing 4 ways you can achieve this with blogging.


1. Write Fun Blog Posts That People Enjoy Reading

Blogging doesn't have to mean hours behind a keyboard doing research and spell checking. You can just as easily blog about a local restaurant or attraction in your area.

For example, most restaurant owners are happy to hear that you'd like to write about their establishment.

A blog post can easily be a casual review review of your experience and why residents would love this particular restaurant.

Don't forget to encourage the owner to share your post to their website and social media as well!


2. Blog About Your Home Community

If you want to stand out among other agents, you have to inform prospects on what your community has, and make sure they know how to get it. You have to position yourself as the local expert.

Writing a blog post about your communities doesn't have to be exhaustive. Just put together a few paragraphs and a nice featured image, then share it on your social media networks to spread the word.

Invite readers to share their personal insight about your community via comments on your blog or social media posts, then interact with them.


3. Blog About Time Saving Methods

We're all busy. Saving your prospects some time will go a long way in building credibility and authority.

Short, numbered posts are highly shareable and will definitely help drive some traffic to your blog and website.

Some examples you can use to get started:

  • Homebuyers: The Top 5 Mistakes EVERYONE Still Makes (And How To Fix Them In 5 Minutes)
  • 10 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Summer For Less Than $100
  • Learn The 7 Must-Know Tips For Homesellers In Just 5 Minutes (Plus the 1 formula to get your property sold this month)


4. Share Your Blog Posts To Social Media

You've done all the hard work, now it's time to share it.

You can share your new blog posts right from your My Real Estate System website or CRM.

This step is often overlooked by new bloggers. Don't forget to get your content out there and be sure to interact with your audience after it's posted!


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4 Consistent Ways Agents Generate Leads With Blogging

4 Consistent Ways Agents Generate Leads With Blogging