A Turnkey Home Buyer Prospecting & Lead Generation System For Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Loan Originators

To succeed in real estate, you must keep a steady flow of quality, exclusive, and responsive leads in your pipeline. That's why we love home buyers, especially first time home buyers.

How It Works

Agent Bio

Differentiating yourself from other real estate agents and focusing on a particular niche is critical to lead generation, and ultimately building a large base of happy clients. That's why we will write your professional real estate agent bio specifically focused on attracting first time home buyers. Your bio must speak to the needs of first time home buyers to let them know that you understand their particular circumstance, and where they may need help the most.

Lead Magnet

Providing value and being of service to your prospects BEFORE you ask for their business is essential to converting them into happy, "tell others about you" type of clients. That's why we will create you a personally branded First Time Home Buyer Guide that you can distribute to all your prospects. This guide will serve as your lead magnet, and will show your prospects that you are willing to serve as their helpful resource during the home buying process.

Landing Page

Now that you have a professionally written bio specifically targeted at first time home buyers, and your personalized first time home buyer guide to use as your lead magnet, it's time now to create a place where your prospects can go to retrieve them both. That's why we will create your personally branded bio landing page where prospects can go to read your bio, and submit their name, email, and phone number in exchange for your first time homebuyer's guide.


A system only works if its used, that's why you must promote your First Time Home Buyers Guide everywhere you can. Places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Linked In are all great places to think about. However, you should not neglect offline methods such as handing out business cards at networking events and mailing postcards to likely First Time Home Buyer prospects such as renters. The idea is to try and get your First Time Home Buyer Guide into as many hands as possible in exchange for the prospect submitting their name, email, and phone number on your bio landing page. Remember, once the prospect submits their information, it automatically triggers the 1 year automated email follow up campaign that converts your prospects into appointments, and ultimately new clients.

Email Marketing

Once your prospect's contact information has been submitted, it's essential that you stay in constant communication with your prospects via email so that you can continue to deliver more valuable information to them that goes above and beyond your first time home buyer guide. That's why we will automatically route your prospects information into our email marketing database and instantly trigger a 1 year automated follow up campaign. In addition, you will instantly receive a notification via email with the same prospect information so you can follow up immediately with a phone call. This campaign is specifically written and designed to get your most interested prospects to pickup the phone and call you to schedule an appointment.

Our Clients Know Best

Tamara Harris, Realtor®

“My Real Estate System has been an amazing tool and has been instrumental in helping me launch my real estate business.

This tool has been an amazing way to target first time home buyers, and generate good solid leads.

I have been very successful with following their recommended course of action, and it has definitely set me apart from others in the business.

I would be the first to recommend this company to other new agents who are wanting to jump start their business.”